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Since you are reading this page, at least two things must be true:

Here are the answers to a few of them:

  1. eTGVirtual.com (and eThomasGroup.biz) are not “Christian” companies*- but they are owned and run by sinners who found an amazing solution to the greatest struggle a man or woman can face.

  2. We believe the universe was created by and is sustained by the same Person Who gave us the Golden Rule. Because of our commitment to that idea, we always do our best to love our God and our neighbor.

  3. We believe the moral principles taught in the Bible are also the best way to relate to each other, our employee partners, our clients and our neighbors. Honesty, integrity, hard work and a commitment to excellence are the values eTGVirtual was founded on, and what we attempt (not always perfectly) to practice every day.

  4. If you or someone you know believes our commitments and our actions don't line up, please let us know.

You may have other questions as well, including why the cross looks like it has the sun shinning out from behind it. Actually, that's the best part, and we would love to tell you more...


The eTGVirtual Team

*cars and cats aren't “Christian”, either-- although some cats act like they were Persian queens in a past life :-)