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VMware Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

eTGVirtual is one of the VMware Partners contacting and working with thousands of SMBs and business line managers across America during 2009. We are helping spread the good news about practical, cost-effective DR and business continuity. If you have arrived here as a result of that effort, we want to talk! In about 20 minutes on the phone, using a web demo VMware has created for this purpose, we can go over how this works, and why you will have peace of mind about recovering from a disaster or simply reducing downtime.

In the first half of 2009 we are also alpha testing a new product line specifically designed for SMB clients. Built on a foundation of proven VMware and open source technology, it will offer a combination of hardware, software and services, all managed remotely by our staff for a low monthly fee. This service will include periodic “testing” disaster recoveries, using real client data in a protected environment, and will validate every aspect of the client's IT disaster recovery plan. We are very excited about this new offering, since it will provide a low cost, simple way for our clients to have something they have never had before: disaster recovery that actually works!

UPDATE: Join us for the next Louisville Geek Dinner at 6pm on August 24th. We'll be discussing out new DRPak® product offering for disaster recovery and managed backups. Free T-shirts and gift cards!

UPDATE 2: It was a great evening! The room was packed, the food (& beer) was great and we got to meet many of you. If I missed you, and you'd like a free gift card or one of our remaining T-shirts, please give us a call.